Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm Back

In the Name Of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful

Hie Folks,

It’s really a long time I didn’t blogging since my life has turns upside down but now it seems quiet good and I moving on to be a better person. This is my second blog actually, why I decided to open a new one and close the old is simply because my old time are quiet playful and didn’t serious to anything in a simple word I’m a baddie or desperate – I didn’t want to look back for sure and I make my past as a guidance, how to lead a gorgeous life (I use gorgeous instead of good because I believe, that’s my life should be). I feel really blessed to surround by a good friends who I like to call them an angels.

Currently I’m working as a creative writer at event/advertising/production company; yes writing is my scope of job since that’s my greatest capability instead of flirting. I feel blessed once again to have surrounded by a cool people in the company. There’s no pressure and stressful at all and that how the entertainment business should be. If ‘rezeki’ by my side, I aimed to be a film director in 5 years time. I’m 24 already and I want all my aspiration to be achieved before 30’s, its sound tough, but nothing can stop me.

I’m still maintaining my single status as my career rising. I just need to learn how to balance between relationship and career seems both its quiet important to me. I’m not a working freak, but it takes time for me to find a right person – if it happens, it happens.

Well, I think that enough for my first posting, I shall write 3 times a week or daily – depend on my mood or availability.

So happy reading and welcome back to ME!!!

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